TO BE CONTINUED...a fanboy podcast are

Miguel A. Velez (Host, Co-Founder)

Born and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, Miguel credits his family's love of cinema, particularly in the action & western genre. As fate would have it, the one eventul childhood defining moment occurred when Miguel's Grandmother brought him to watch Richard Donner's Superman The Movie. It was then that his personal rooted passion for the superhero genre had been set for life. Having spent his teenage years in PA, participating in Scholastic Scrimmage, working at a local comic book store, Miguel later returned to Brooklyn. Miguel became a dedicated and practitioner of various martial arts styles such as Jeet Kune Do, Filipino weapons and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. An earnest natural speaker with the gift of gab, Miguel brings to the table honesty and critical perspective to contemporary nerd culture.


Edward Ng (Host, Co-Founder)

Ninja, Technocrat, Polymath and God-fearing, Edward was born in Jersey City, NJ and raised in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY. A consummate life long fan of comic books, sci-fi, martial arts, films and television, Edward is also the son of immigrant parents, a husband, a father, a "funky" musician dynamo, a technology junkie and TBC's operations jack of all trades. Edward brings conversation, insight and a love of pop-culture to the world of genre fan punditry. Edward, an evangelical Christian, celebrates in his faith yet humbly strives toward a better understanding and promotion of ideas through faith and culture, thriving together in the post-modern age. 


Jonathan Vergara (Producer, Sound Engineer) 

A native New Yorker, raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, Jonathan was brought up in a musical environment at an early age and mentored by Grammy Award winning producer and mixer, Bob "Bassy" Brockmann. Jonathan combines raw musicianship with years of audio engineering background, providing austerity in style for his client's creative aspirations. As the Studio Manager of Pancake Studios, Jonathan is the very medium and the foundation for TBC_afp's platform. 





To Be Continued a fanboy podcast

is produced & recorded at PANCAKE STUDIOS, BROOKLYN, NY